1. What is needed for a prescription transfer?

– Call us or come to the pharmacy in person
– If you have not had prescriptions at UC Pharmacy before, we need to register you. We need from you: personal info (name, Guelph address, phone number, DOB, Student number, and any insurance from your parents if applicable.
– Name and the phone number of your current pharmacy
– Name of the medications you want to transfer to UC Pharmacy

2. Why I cannot use OHIP to cover my prescriptions considering that I am under 25?

– Being a student at the U of G, you are covered under the “student plan” administered by Canada Life insurance. Having any insurance coverage prevents us billing OHIP for your prescriptions 

3. Why it is recommended that I provide any additional insurance that covers me (from parents, spouse etc.)?

The student plan is not completely free. There is a deductible on every prescription and some medications are not covered. Having additional coverage helps pay for your medications and most of the time you end up not paying anything. 

4. Do I need ID to collect my medications?

For any regular prescription we do not require your ID. For Controlled and Narcotic medications, you will need to provide a government issued ID at the time of pick up